A Christmas romance to warm your heart. Are you ready?

I’m thrilled to announce my newest release in the Coyote Creek series, a fabulously touching Christmas story called A Melody for Christmas. It is book four in the series and is available in print and ebook now. While it is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone story.

My inspiration for this story stems from my own passion for Christmas, giving gifts, the decorations, the baking, the food. Oh man, the food! It also comes from the two trips my husband and I took to Europe when we were younger. We stayed in bed and breakfasts and at a couple of private hotels. They were incredible. The feel of the inn, Sweet Dreams, is a combination of all the places we stayed on our travels.

The romance between Clara and Zane, pure fantasy. Who doesn’t want a white knight sweeping in and rescuing you from certain disaster? And one who does it with grace and compassion, even better. How could Clara possibly resist?

For those of you familiar with the series, you’ll see some old friends and meet some new ones who will quickly steal your heart, including our heroine Clare Everett, who has recently moved to Coyote Creek to run the small bed and breakfast style hotel she inherited from her aunt. Unfortunately the inn isn’t without issues.

Like Clare, you’ll fall in love with our hero, Zane Ryder, a handsome forensic engineer on sabbatical to fulfill his lifelong dream to write a mystery novel.

While it doesn’t seem like they have much in common, the Christmas season has long been known for creating magic that draws hearts together and sparks music in our souls.

Come, join us in Coyote Creek, and let the holiday magic carry you away.

Hugs, Katie.

You can get your print or digital copy here:

A Melody for Christmas – The Blurb:

Can the Christmas spirit and the right man rekindle the music in her soul?

Music is Clara Everett’s life. At least it was until a petulant rock star sabotaged her career. Broken hearted, her gift for music has deserted her. She’s retreated to Coyote Creek to run the bed and breakfast she inherited from her great aunt. She has no idea what she’s doing, but she’s wonderful with people. That must count for something, right? Despite her doubts, she’s determined to make her new vocation work. She’s never had an all-out Christmas and this year; she’s determined to do it up in style for herself, and her holiday guests. Maybe focusing on Christmas will nurture her broken spirit. Opening day, she’s mid-crisis when Adonis himself strides into her home and rescues her.

Zane Ryder is on a self-imposed sabbatical from his life as a forensic engineer. He’s tired of analyzing critical safety and equipment failures. He’s yearning for something positive, like a full out Christmas in a quaint, small-town inn. Zane is taking time at Sweet Dreams to refuel his soul, enjoy the holiday, and to put the story burning in his mind onto paper. Love isn’t on his agenda, until he rescues Clara from her watery disaster. Her strength and fragility touch his heart.

Neither are looking for commitment, but Christmas is the time for love. Will they resist love’s siren call or give in to their fears? Will Zane become Clara’s Christmas prince and restore the music in her soul.


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