Are you ready to skyrocket your career with this revolutionary author career planning workbook?

Snarky Heart Press and Katie O’Connor are proud to announce the release of The Creative Career Planning Workbook for Authors. Only days after the workbook’s launch, it has hit #13 on Amazon Canada in the Authorship category and is listed as a hot new release. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to morph your career from ordinary to extraordinary.

My workbook is a revolutionary way to help you discover the perfect author career for YOU. It is based on the experiences that led her to achieving a #1 Rank on Amazon and B&N as a romance writer. The workbook combines free thinking, mind mapping, doodling, jot notes, and coloring to free your mind. When your creative mind isn’t held back or hampered by the logical mind, it is free to create; this leads you on the path to formulate the perfect career for you.Creative Career Planning Workbook for Authors

This workbook covers topics such as author branding, genre selection, short- and long-term planning, as well as figuring out where you want to go as an author. It is jam packed with 160 pages of career self-help and planning assistance.  The Workbook includes a monthly planner, worksheets, and forms to motivate and inspire your creative career vision.

You might be wondering why I would share the path to success. The reasons are simple. I didn’t get here in isolation. I had help and support from the writing community. I talked to my follow authors, watched videos, listened to podcasts, read books and blogs. There is literally an infinite amount of career advice for authors out there. After spending months researching career planning, I edited together a plan that helped my sales skyrocket.

My sales jumped at 5 published books, and again at 10. At 16 books, my sales took flight. Coincidentally, this is just after I decided to take my career into my own hands and give everything I have. After hundreds of hours of research, I designed a creative way to plan my career. My newest release, The Creative Career Planning Workbook for Authors, guides you through designing YOUR career path as an author.