Book Genre: Contemporary Romance

Building Trust

Cover of the book called Building Trust written by Katie O'Connor.

Synopsis: Can a widowed mother and a playboy find happiness together?

After the devastating loss of her husband, Lisa Brown is determined to make the best life she can for her four-year-old daughter, Amy. Lisa is looking for a positive man to share a long-term commitment and become part of their family.

Construction worker, Cameron Zeus’ parents taught him what a broken marriage and hateful attitudes can do to a kid. He’s adopted a love-‘em-and-leave-‘em attitude and lives fast and free. He’s determined to enjoy the bachelor’s life forever. But just when he has his life under control, fate thrusts Lisa and Amy into his path.

Despite Lisa’s strong attraction to Cameron, he just doesn’t fit the bill for a promising future, but there is no denying her attraction to him. Still, when crisis strikes, it’s Cam Lisa looks to for help. Will he step up to the plate, or will he cut and run at the first opportunity?

Saving Grace

Cover of the book Saving Grace. Part of the Heart's Haven Series.

Synopsis: She has one regret…

Five years ago, fed up with her controlling parents, Grace Winston cut all ties with her family. She escaped to Haven, a small town in North Central Alberta, determined to build a new life for herself, depending solely on her own skills and not her family’s name. Successful and happy, running her own business, Grace has one regret. Mark Sterling, the man she left behind.

His mistakes cost them their future…

Mark Sterling knows he screwed up by failing to reveal the depth of his feelings for Grace. Then she was gone, and he was alone to wonder what could have been. Unable to find her and reeling from the consequences of an ill-conceived one-night stand shortly after Grace fled, he determinedly moved on with his life. Still, over the years, his lost love never strayed far from his mind.

A chance encounter changes everything…

Widowed and vacationing with his young daughter, Mark bumps into Grace. Sparks fly, but the only thing they agree on is that they disagree on everything—except that they want each other. With just a few short weeks, can they erase regrets, fix mistakes and finally build a relationship? With nearly insurmountable odds, only time will tell if past hurts can be overcome. Deep inside, they both know finding the future they’ve always wanted might be their only chance at true happiness. It might be their only saving grace.

Running Home

Cover of the book Running Home. Part of the Heart's Haven Series.

Synopsis: Can love empower and free a scared, abused woman?

Natalie Walker’s life is in tatters. An abused wife and devoted mother, she runs from her rich husband, intending to start a new life in hiding. When her car breaks down outside of a small town, she must accept the help of the local garage owner. Unable to access her money, she works for Clint Dawson to pay off her debt for car repairs and to feed her son. Despite her best efforts, she finds herself succumbing to Clint’s kindness.

Already falling for her, Clint is more than willing to help provide protection for Natalie and her son, especially after her abusive husband turns up dead. There is no doubt that in his mind that Natalie did not kill her husband and is not hiding anything. However, Clint has a past and a secret of his own.

Will the revelation of Clint’s deceit destroy the fragile trust he has built with Natalie? Or will their love be strong enough to survive?

To a Tea

Cover picture of Katie O'Connor's novel entitled To a Tea.

Synopsis: They’re battling a love that won’t be extinguished.

Chastity Howell has always loved Logan Wright. But at age seventeen, she made a mistake that almost destroyed both of their lives. Angry and disappointed, Logan ended their relationship. Unable to cope with the consequences, Chastity started drinking. Now, her heart won’t accept that their young love has perished in the aftermath of the disaster.

A man of convictions, Firefighter Logan Wright desires a good woman to start a family with. Once upon a time, a long time ago, he thought Chastity Howell was that woman. But with her troubled past, she doesn’t fit his image of the perfect wife.

Watching her interact with Harmony’s less fortunate, he wonders if maybe he’s mistaken. But with pain and hurt between them, can they forgive the past to build a new future together?

Rekindled Fire

Cover of the book entitled Rekindled Fire written by Katie O'Connor

Synopsis: Since the day Beth Watson lost her husband eighteen months ago, she has harbored a terrible guilt that his death was her fault. Could her unwilling attraction to another man have gotten her husband killed? Or was it just a tragic car accident?

Peter Holden struggles to remain strong and steadfast for his children while juggling too many balls. The fact his wife dumped him for his best friend isn’t helping matters. When an emergency arises and he has no one to help out with his kids, he calls the one woman he swore he would forever avoid, his old friend Beth.

If she dares to step in and help, can they get beyond the past? Or will fantasies of what might have been ruin any hope for their future together?

Hearts in the Spotlight


When a country and western superstar runs smack dab into an introverted innkeeper sparks fly in more ways than one. He adores the spotlight, she fears it.

Former Stampede princess and teacher, Stephanie Alexander retreated to the country to escape the media circus hounding her since the death of one of her students. Although she’s content with small town peace and quiet, she’s thrilled that someone has booked her entire bed and breakfast.

Brett Wyatt is nearing burnout from years of non-stop touring as a country music superstar. After a personal tragedy leaves him unable to compose, he arrives at the Wild Rose Inn, determined to spend the three weeks leading up to the Calgary Stampede getting his head back in the game. He’s not expecting to get tangled up with a semi-reclusive woman with a wagon-load of baggage and a devastating secret.

When a life-changing turn of events forces Brett to abandon his independence, he must learn to rely on others, including Stephanie. But can she overcome her issues to help him battle his demons? Can they find a balance and build a life together?