Book Genre: Erotic Romance

Tessa’s Trio

Cover of Katie O'Connors novel Tessa's Trio

Synopsis: Burned by love again and again, Tessa Dupree has sworn off men forever.  No dating, no relationships and no one night stands.  The last thing she wants is a man.  But fate has other plans.  When Tessa isn't looking, fate thrusts three handsome, intriguing men into her life.

She's known Rob since she was a little girl, but has been blind to his love for her.  Peter and Mitch have been Rob's friends for years.  All in all, they are one smoking-hot gathering of men who make Tessa's pulse race and her body thrum.  Better than that, they're all looking for their soul-mates.  What are the odds that Tessa could fit the bill for all of them?

They make her heart yearn for the love she has given up on.  Is she ready to risk her heart again?

Will she find love with three fabulous men?  Can she open her heart and risk being hurt again?  Does this trio hold the secret to love and happiness for Tessa?  Or will she have to choose between them?