Book Genre: Novella

The Gift

Picture of the cover of the erotic novella entitled The Gift written by Katie O'Connor.

Synopsis: Sammy Jarvis is harboring a secret fantasy and desperately wants to make it a reality.  she finally finds the courage to ask her adoring husband, Nick, for a special Christmas gift--one that will make her dreams come true.  She wants Nick to find her a woman to make love with.

What's a man to do?  Stymied, Nick turns to his old college friend Carl, and the topic takes them down memory lane to a time when they'd been more than just friends.  Rekindling their desires is easy, and they devise a plan for Sammy to meet Carl's girlfriend Gina.

When Sammy and Gina meet, clothing begins to fly.  Being with Gina is everything that Sammy had imagined, but now she wants more.  Her heart is big enough to encompass them all, but what will Nick think?  Is there room in their marriage to accommodate her new-found love for Gina and Carl?  Or will this tangled lover's leap destroy them all?