Protecting Josie

Katie O'Conner's book titled Protecting JosieTitle: Protecting Josie
Published by: Snarky Heart Press
Release Date: 2019
ISBN13: 978-1-9990192-4-2
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After witnessing a killing, Josie Lyons is fired from her job and discovers her bank accounts have been mysteriously drained.  She's certain things can't get any worse, until someone starts shooting at her.  While fleeing for her life, she's nicked with a bullet when forced to climb a cliff to avoid capture.

The last thing Gabriel Gatlin expects to encounter is a group of men shooting at a beautiful women dangling precariously from a cliff on his ranch.  Spurred into action, Gabe rescues Josie and carries her to safety.  Now, they must work with the local sheriff to unravel the mystery of who want Josie dead.

Caring for Josie is both a pleasure and a curses for the retired soldier as she becomes a serious danger to his heart.  Josie's not looking for romance, but in the safe haven of Gabe's arms, perhaps a little romance is what she needs.