Saving Grace

Cover of the book Saving Grace. Part of the Heart's Haven Series.Title: Saving Grace
Series: Heart's Haven Series #2
Published by: Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Release Date: September 14, 2016
Genre: ,

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Synopsis: She has one regret…

Five years ago, fed up with her controlling parents, Grace Winston cut all ties with her family. She escaped to Haven, a small town in North Central Alberta, determined to build a new life for herself, depending solely on her own skills and not her family’s name. Successful and happy, running her own business, Grace has one regret. Mark Sterling, the man she left behind.

His mistakes cost them their future…

Mark Sterling knows he screwed up by failing to reveal the depth of his feelings for Grace. Then she was gone, and he was alone to wonder what could have been. Unable to find her and reeling from the consequences of an ill-conceived one-night stand shortly after Grace fled, he determinedly moved on with his life. Still, over the years, his lost love never strayed far from his mind.

A chance encounter changes everything…

Widowed and vacationing with his young daughter, Mark bumps into Grace. Sparks fly, but the only thing they agree on is that they disagree on everything—except that they want each other. With just a few short weeks, can they erase regrets, fix mistakes and finally build a relationship? With nearly insurmountable odds, only time will tell if past hurts can be overcome. Deep inside, they both know finding the future they’ve always wanted might be their only chance at true happiness. It might be their only saving grace.


"This book had a constant flow of peace and purposeful drama.  The story line kept me engaged and entertained throughout." - Samantha (Goodreads)