Bulletproof Heart; Fiction Imitates Life

Inspiration comes from everywhere: Bulletproof Heart is fiction which imitates real life events. I’ve set Bulletproof Heart in the wilds of Alberta, just outside the real town of Wildwood. Of course, because I’m an author, I’ve taken considerable liberties with the geography to make it suit my story. My husband and I own a tract of land near the real Wildwood and we spend our summers camping and playing in the woods. This place, which we call Sanctuary, is our actual sanctuary (and yes, there’s also a connection with the game Boderlands).  It’s where we go to breath, be with nature and relax ourselves from the stresses of our hectic city life.

Sanctuary is such a huge part of my life, our life, that I wanted to share it with my readers. For us, it is a place of peace and tranquility. And, honestly, nothing remotely like this has ever happened since we owned the place.

According to the neighbors, our land was once searched for the victims of an accused murderer, Travis Vader. Vader has been charged and convicted of murdering Lyle and Marie McCann. There is no actual proof that our piece of heaven was searched in conjunction to this crime, just the rambling of neighbors. You can read about Vader and the McCanns here.

I think that when I heard their story, it ignited a spark in my brain that lead to the wild and scary adventures of April Cooper. Her story is nothing like theirs, only the location is similar.

He’s a bored billionaire. She’s a destitute rancher. They have nothing in common.

Unemployed and pregnant, April Cooper retreats to the family ranch where she’s surrounded by disaster: her grandfather is dead, her uncle has disappeared, and someone’s been shooting the cattle. April wants to raise her baby in peace and quiet, but she suspects the newly-arrived stranger offering to help is keeping secrets.

Wade Kelly Borne is searching for a corporate retreat location, but his conscience won’t let him abandon a woman in need. Drawn to April’s quiet strength, Wade sticks around to protect her and help discover who’s terrorizing her ranch.  He should leave in a few days, but his heart has other ideas. 

He’d never fit into her lifestyle, and she wants no part of his, but they can’t ignore their mutual attraction. Are their differences irreconcilable, or is there hope for a future together?

Read an excerpt here.

I hope you’ll enjoy April and Wade’s story.

Happy reading!