Coyote Creek and Camel Contract

Update:  February 13, 2019 – Upon mutual agreement, Katie has cancelled the contract with Camel Press for the Coyote Creek series due to differing artistic visions of the story line.  Katie wishes to thank Camel for their consideration.

Original:  Coyote Creek and Camel Contract. Say that ten times without stumbling over your tongue. You’re probably wondering why I choose such an off-beat header; but you’ve got to admire the alliteration.

I’ve selected it because I am announcing a seven-book contact with Camel Press (in association with Epicenter Press and Coffeetown Press). They’ll be publishing my small town, contemporary romance series called Coyote Creek.  This series will focus on the Flint family, a large ranching family who dwell in and just outside of Coyote Creek, a town created from my memories of small town life and my current life in rural Alberta.

The Flint’s are an exceptional family who believe family comes first. Family, then friends, then Coyote Creek. They bicker, they fight and in the end the pull together for their family and for what they believe in.

Our first story is A Lesson in Love. Riley and Tricia. The veterinarian and the kindergarten teacher. A bachelor suddenly gets custody of a five-year-old daughter he knew nothing about. Can this teacher help him become a good father without falling for him?

I can’t wait to share this series with you! Watch this blog, and my Facebook page for tidbits, updates and contests relating to the series.

Hugs – Katie.