Deep Impact?


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This week’s questions come from Nina Mason and I have to tell you that deep questions like this are difficult for a fluff writer like me. I write erotica and romance, because I believe in love, happily ever after and a healthy sex life. My purpose is to write what moves me and hope I can entertain someone else at the same time.

How does your writing impact your inner life?
I find that since I started writing seriously, that I tend to think more about how my actions effect other people, and I wonder how other people feel about things and what drives them to act the way they do. I like to think this has led me to be a kinder person.

How do you hope your books affect your readers?
I hope they learn that love is never easy, that it takes work, but it is worth it. My work doesn’t carry deep messages beyond the basics. Be kind to others, love others, love yourself, accept yourself for who you are, give people a chance, because their lives are hard too … and advice like that. But mostly, I hope readers find a few hours pleasure when they read.

Has anyone ever told you your book changed their life? If so, how?
Nope. Never. But I had one beta reader tell me that Rekindled Fire hit too close to home. It reminded her of her own past and it really hurt to read it due to its accuracy. I did not relate the story to her past, but it saddened me that it hurt her to read it. (Watch for it on Amazon … it goes on Kindle Countdown some time today … steal of a deal)

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