Fire Magic – Book 1 of Three Moon Falls

Thrilling news! Fire Magic, book one in my paranormal romance series, Three Moon Falls, has released. Yes, it’s true. You can order the ebook from most retailers or order yourself a copy of the print version from Chapters or Amazon.  Fire Magic is a story I really think you’ll enjoy.

For years, I’ve been fascinated by the history of persecution of witches. Particularly the witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts.  I’ve often wondered what the descendants of these witches would be doing today. Would they be interesting and magical or would they be mundane? Where would they live, what challenges would they face? Would they still be persecuted? What if they were magic and something evil was shadowing them? How would they deal with it?

I bundled up these questions and dozens more, tossed them into the cauldron of my imagination and let them simmer and boil. It wasn’t long, before characters and events started popping into my mind and the story took shape.

This book is a big one. It took me nearly a year to write Fire Magic and the creation process was entirely new to me. Usually, I’m a pantser and write by the seat of my pants.  I create my main characters, decide what they look like and who they are and I let them free to frolic on the pages. They dictate the story. This time had to be different.  

To write Fire Magic I had to ensure I laid the path and dropped the clues for what was to come in the entire series. That’s too much information to leave to chance, so I got out my cue cards and began planning. I spent weeks just determining where things were going. Who was going to do what? Who was going to fall for who? What skills they had and how they’d contribute to the final battle.  I had no choice but to plot the series before I wrote a single word.

It was both harder and easier than I expected. Ideas flowed like water and my creativity burned like fire. I got stuck, I stalled, but in the end, pushed through and completed the plot. Then the writing began. Compared to my usual make it up as you go along method, the words really flowed. I spent major time researching the witch trials.

In my research I learned a thing or two about the events, and the theories behind what happened. I was stunned to learn that not one single witch was burned in Salem, though they were sentenced to death by fire in many other parts of the world. One of the accused was pressed to death under a pile of stones. The atrocities were many and I grieve for those who had their lives stolen away.

That said, Fire Magic is not about Salem, but about the descendants of one of the accused and one of the accusers. It is a fictional work, the product of my imagination and written entirely for entertainment.

He’s a professional diver. She’s a witch who controls fire.

Fire and water don’t mix…

Until evil starts stalking her and destroying their town.

Read an excerpt here.

I hope you’ll enjoy Kody and Amber’s story.

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Happy Reading!