Happy Valentine’s Day

With today being February 14th, one’s mind naturally turns to Valentine’s Day.  It always starts out like any other day but today I started my day way too early.

I crawled out of bed and was out the door by seven. I was off to the local lab to have some blood taken for routine blood work. Ick. Danged blood-thirsty ghouls took seven vials. While I waited my turn, I listened to a couple of gentlemen chatting about what they planned to get for their significant other. Blondie had purchased a ruby ring and was going to present it during dinner at a high restaurant in town. Baldy (who was waaaay cuter by the way) had ordered flowers delivered to his SO’s office and was planning on cooking dinner for her. To me, both of these seemed like lovely gifts, particularly the cooked dinner part.

Back in the car, the radio blathered on about what constituted a good gift. By my count, they had it entirely wrong. It’s not about how much you spend, or even spending anything at all. It is about the thought that goes into the gift. It made me start thinking of what made a good gift. Now I know that my idea of a good gift often differs greatly from that of my friends, but here are some thoughts:

Decorative Items:  I am opposed to any more clutter. I’ve got enough of it, and am trying to thin things down. So no more brick-a-brack for the cats to break.
Clothing: Nope, never. The chances of it fitting and me liking it are slim to none.
A Vacation: Strangely, again I have to say nope. I want to be involved in choosing the destination and planning the activities.
Jewellery: Always a hit for me, but remember I like silver, not gold. This is mostly because I love the color of silver, and because I tend to lose things.
Kitchen Appliances: Yes, absolutely. Especially if it is one that I need. (Okay, so I’m weird that way.)
Spa Gift Certificate: I’m unsure about this one, as I have never received one, nor gone to a spa…
Book Store Gift Certificates: Sure because I love to read, but I do feel that gift certificates are cop-outs. Best make it for Amazon … because I LOVE my Kindle.
Chocolate: Hell no! My ass is big enough already. But some Hot Tamales would not go unappreciated!
Flowers: Hell yeah. I love receiving flowers, especially those little flowering plants.
Greeting Cards: Too Cliche and frankly over time they just add to the clutter. Maybe a nice hand written love letter. But no cards please, unless they are dry and sarcastic.

So what then do I want for Valentine’s Day?

This year, I received the perfect gift. I arrived home from the lab to receive a big hug and a kiss, a fresh pot of coffee and a warm declaration of love. This lovely greeting was followed up by a fabulous back and shoulder massage. Mmmm. Nothing like the gift of love and a nice chunk of your valuable time. A gift of your yourself!  Both kids dropped over with hugs and kisses too. And when I checked my e-mail and text messages this morning, I had a number of warm Valentine’s wishes from my friends. And really, that’s all this girl really needs . . . to know her friends and loved ones are thinking of her.

Love doesn’t come with a price-tag. It is enough to know you care.

Hugs and Valentine’s Kisses to you!