Heart’s Haven Print Editions: Celebrating Dreams Turned Reality

Heart's Haven Series

Heart’s Haven Series – A small town romance.

Today, I’m excited to announce the release of the paperback editions of my Heart’s Haven Series which includes Running Home, Saving Grace and Building Trust.

For me, this marks fulfillment of a dream. Not a huge dream, but one that warms my heart. All ten of my stories are now available in paperback! Every one … from the smallest short stories in the Covet the Cowboy series to my longest full-length novel. Yes, it’s true! You can now get print versions of all ten of my creations!

Don’t get me wrong, I love e-books. I read on my Kindle, my phone and on a Kobo app on my computer. I’ll read anything, especially a good romance. However, there is something about holding a book in your hand that’s amazing, particularly when it’s your own book. I cannot even describe how it feels. Not as great as holding your newborn baby, but it’s pretty darn close. The biggest difference is that making a baby is fun, but writing a novel involves months, sometimes years of hard work. For me, having a baby, twins at that, was much easier than creating this series. Blood, sweat, tears and more cussing than I care to admit went into Heart’s Haven.

The series holds a special place in my heart, particularly my stubborn and very insecure heroine, Grace. She’s a savvy business woman who runs her bookshop with competence and style. Personally, she flips, she flops and she cannot make a decision about the man of her dreams. It’s a romance, so of course we know that in the end she’ll make the right decision, but I really empathize with her inability to make important life-altering decisions.

Heart’s Haven is a stand-alone, small-town romance series. The stories take place in the fictional mountain town of Haven, Alberta. You can read them in any order you wish, but chronologically, they are Saving Grace, Running Home and Building Trust; which isn’t the order they were released in. However, if you read them out of order, you might encounter a spoiler or two but in no way will the series be ruined.

I hope you’ll join me in my virtual celebration of the release of Heart’s Haven in print format by picking up copies for your personal library. Shoot me an email if you want all three volumes autographed and mailed to you. They retail for 16.99 each, but I’ll ship you the entire set for $47 (Canadian) including postage. (Canada and the US only.)