Holiday Preparations

It is confession time again…I love holiday preparations.  It’s usually a lot of work but I love it.

I love Christmas! I love everything about it. The decorating, the tree, the lights, the music, giving gifts, getting gifts. All of it. I even like….shopping. This is the one and only time of year that I enjoy the mall. Okay, maybe I like lingerie stores all year. Oh and the ‘adult toy’ store. 🙂 But that’s a side note. I also enjoy the baking, the cooking but mostly I love how everyone makes that little bit of an extra effort to be kind to each other. I wish we could be kinder all year long. (Yeah, I know I am as guilty as the rest of the world that way.)

Wow…that star is really crooked!

Now, my trees are up. Yes I have two trees this year. One in the front entry for my clients to enjoy. The other in the family room, half buried under gifts. The house is decorated and smells deliciously of baking. No I have not yet started my baking. Sigh! I’m cheating with scented wax and a couple of Scentsy burners. LOL. The baking starts on Monday. I’ve finished my  commissions in my real life, and have all next week to play in the kitchen. And I will enjoy every minute of it. Well except for that one pan of cookies that I will forget and burn to a crisp. (Seems I do that every year.)

Fueling my enthusiasm for the holidays are all the blogs I read each morning. I am totally addicted to writer’s blogs. (Oh Crap! Was that another confession?) A good number of them are, naturally, focused on the holidays. I am particularly partial to . They are having a holiday giveaway right now. A Twelve Days of Christmas thing.  They have inspired me to write my own version of that famous song…. I’m not saying it is good, but it does relate to romance and erotic novels. I’m not gonna list it all out, but here is the gist.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my writers gave to me….

Twelve darling damsels
Eleven vampire vixens
Ten tangled triangles
Nine lads a licking
Eight merry positions
Seven sexy studlings
Six whips of leather
Five glorious orgasms
Four erotic writers
Three French kisses
Two tangled lovers and
A super hot love story.

Okay, I admit it, it is not that great. But it makes me smile and that’s all that matters.
Now, I’m off to write something naughty.