Katie's Current Writing Projects

Katies Projects – Updated February 11th, 2019 by Katie’s PA.

Coyote Creek Series

Katie is editing book #1 while writing book #2.  The series is anticipated to be 7 books.

Katie’s first Cozy Mystery

Katie’s first Cozy Mystery is now on the back burner.  The book was to be the first in a planned three book series and was a little outside the norm for a Cozy.  Well apparently it was a little too far outside the norm as it was rejected.  There seems to be a very limited number of publishers interested in the twists that Katie wrote into this book.  However, Katie really likes this story and does not want to rework it so she plans to write another Cozy in the next few months.  She will likely come back to her first Cozy and release it independently.  Not sure at this point.

Katie’s next installment in the Covet the Cowboy series

When not working on the above projects, Katie is plotting the next installment in her erotic series Covet the Cowboy.  Rumor has it that she is supplementing the steamy content with….. well, again, Katie keeps me in the dark when it comes to the details.