Katie's Current Writing Projects

Katies Projects – Updated Feb 8th, 2018 by Katie’s PA.

Katie has a long list of projects that she works on when the mood strikes.  Some have been on the back burner for years while others are active and ongoing.  Here is what’s at the top of the list:

Coyote Creek Series

Katie continues work on plotting Coyote Creek between edits of her newest cowboy romance story.  Katie is very excited to start writing the first book in the 7 book Coyote Creek series for Camel Press (Epicenter Press & Coffeetown Press).

Katie’s “not so secret” project

Women of Stampede projectKatie’s not so secret project is her installment in the recently announced series “The Women of Stampede”.  This is a series of romance novels based around a stampede theme.  It’s being put together by a group of Alberta romance authors with the first book due out in June.  As of today, Katie has finished the rough draft and is working on edits.  She usually lets it sit for a few days before starting the editing process.  Both the title and cover have been finalized but remain secret even to me.

Check back here for further details on this project or at The Women of Stampede website or on Facebook.

Katie’s first Cozy Mystery

Katie’s first Cozy Mystery is now complete and is being shopped to publishers by her agent (Blue Ridge Literary Agency) .  The book is surrounded by mystery with the cover, title and story line unknown at this time.  We hope to solve some of the mystery in 3 months or so….keep you posted.

Katie’s next installment in the Covet the Cowboy series

When not working on the above projects, Katie is plotting the next installment in her erotic series Covet the Cowboy.  Rumor has it that she is supplementing the steamy content with….. well, again, Katie keeps me in the dark when it comes to the details.