New Beginnings

Well, my friends, I’m back. 🙂  It’s a time for new beginnings (I hope).

It’s been a phenomenally long time since I made a blog post. This seems to be my pattern. I get wrapped up in writing and forget to make blog posts or I get busy with life and don’t bother. Writing posts is a hard routine to get into and avoiding them is ever so much easier. Guess which way this chick rolls?

So here I am, at my computer, I should be finishing the edits on a proposal that was due at my agent’s weeks ago. This book, the start of a series, has been complicated. I’m three chapters in and I’ve had to change it several times. The characters are great, I love them to pieces. Childhood sweethearts unwillingly reunited. A classic theme and one of my favorites. Nothing like the change to undo past mistakes. (Blissful sigh.) But, the conflict between these lovely people was not deep enough. So, I restarted and tweaked and twisted my plot. Now, I think I have it and am headed into edits.

So, what’s the problem? Well, frankly, I’ve had the plague for almost three weeks. Nothing serious mind you. Just a head cold that morphed into a chest cold. Not dying or anything like that. Just too much congestion to think and zero energy or motivation. Now, I’m finally on the mend. Yesterday, I even managed to go the entire day without a nap. How impressive is that? (Very impressive, just in case you wondered.)

While I’ve been down and out, I’ve done some reading. Revisiting Christine Feehan’s Sea Haven Series. Love those books. They’ve got me to thinking…about Karma, positivity and making the best of things.

So, I announce to you now, that I’m making some life changes. Working out more, eating more nutritiously, and becoming more positive. Not shooting for perfection, just some small changes to make things better and improve my health.

I’m inviting you to join me on this journey. Give me some tips to get this sorry old ass moving and how you best combat food cravings. What has worked for you?

Hugs, Katie

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