New in the Coyote Creek Series – A Secret to Shatter

Great news. My newest project, Coyote Creek Book 3, is nearing completion and I can’t wait to share it with you!

A Secret to Shatter is Honey and Ira’s story. You met Honey, a waitress at Tammy’s, in books one and two. Ira, an honorably discharged veteran of the Canadian Military, has recently moved to Coyote Creek. Unbeknownst to each other, neither Honey nor Ira are what they seem. Heavy secrets lie between them, threatening to keep them apart.

I’ll give you the full blurb in a moment, but first, my inspiration.

To be honest, not every novel has an inspiration. Occasionally, some stories appear in my mind fully formed. I’ll have the glimmer of an idea and the base players will be there in the snap of my fingers. This was not the case with A Secret to Shatter.

Honey came to me in the mall. Not literally of course.  A beautiful young blonde woman strolled by me laughing in her gypsy skirt, and peasant blouse. She had an anklet of small bells and multiple bracelets which chimed when she walked. Her happiness was contagious and I knew she was the perfect character for a story of her own. So, I inserted her into Coyote Creek book one, knowing she’d play a major roll somewhere. I just didn’t know where at the time.

Ira is a blending of many people. As a retired soldier with health issues, he is a tribute to my own father who fought and served his country. Ira’s name is taken from my maternal Grandfather, whom I never met. Ira’s background comes from a news article I read about adopted adults being reunited with their birth parents. The article touched something in my heart. How beautiful to find a new family! The joy and pain such reunions cause! The very idea fueled my creative spirit.

In our story, Ira is not adopted. He was raised by his single mother, with his father not in the picture. His desire to be united with his family overwhelms Ira when he learns his father is not dead, but alive and well and living in Coyote Creek with his own family.

A Secret to Shatter is now available in print and ebook.

You’ll fall in love with Honey and Ira; I know I did.

The Blurb

Honey Dalton can’t resist Ira’s Castillo’s handsome face and kind, if somewhat taciturn manner. She admires his dedication and service to his country, but senses he’s hiding something from her. She’s determined to ferret out his secrets while concealing her above average intelligence and secret career as a counter terrorism agent for the Canadian government.

For his entire life, Ira believed his father was dead. After a deathbed confession by his mother, he learns that his father is alive and well and raising another family. Seeking answers, he heads to Coyote Creek where he meets a beautiful, but somewhat scatterbrained waitress.

Ira, a total balls-to-the-wall soldier, cannot reconcile himself with Honey’s seemingly carefree, purposeless life. Nor can he fight the attraction building between them. If not for her lack of ambition, and his own focus on getting to know the family he didn’t know he had, Honey Dalton would be perfect for him.

But they’ve got more in common than either realizes.

Can they shatter the secrets between them and build a life together, or is the gulf between them too wide to breach?

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Hugs – Katie.