Release Day! Rekindled Fire.

It’s release day for Rekindled Fire.

I love the idea of second chances, and I think they can be a good thing, but not always an easy road to follow.  Rekindled Fire is a story about being able to revisit old attractions and see where they lead.

rekindledfirefinalAND …………….It is finally finished.

Yes indeed …. Rekindled Fire is finally available for sale.

Peter and Beth’s story is up on Amazon.
(Paperback and other formats coming soon.)

Eighteen months ago, Beth Watson lost her husband in a tragic accident. Since that night, she has harbored a terrible guilt that his death was her fault. Could her unwilling attraction to another man have gotten her husband killed or was it a tragic accident?
Peter Holden is a broken man. Struggling with his past, he fights to be strong and steadfast for the people in his life. Feeling like he is juggling too many balls, his troubles are increased because his wife has dumped him and ran away with his best friend; leaving him holding the bag with no one to help out with their kids. Out of options, he calls the one woman he swore he would always stay away from, his old friend Beth.

Does she dare step in to help him out? Can they get beyond the past to build a future together or will the past ruin them both?

Check it out , just click on the cover.

I would love to hear your story of revisited attraction.