Romance, What Does it Mean?

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Today’s question comes from the talented Jenna Da Sie.
Romance. There are many different meanings. What does it mean to you?

Wow, thanks to Jenna for that extremely thought provoking question.
As a romance writer, I’ve put a lot of thought into this. Initially I was thinking of long walks together, quiet dinners. Laughing and sharing small moments. You know, dating things.

Ultimately I decided that romance isn’t just one thing. It begins with attraction, progresses through getting to know each other and carries on. Romance is a journey.

Where does it go? That too is a difficult question. It goes places you’d never think possible. It leads into doing things you never wanted to do because the person you love wants you to try them. It leads to hardship and sacrifice and loss. You learn to give up a lot for the one you love. It’s a sacrifice, but at the same time it isn’t.

But it isn’t all bad. Romance is when the one you love does little things for you without seeking approval or recognition. When they put your happiness before their own. It’s dinner and dancing and laughs and tears. Joys and sorrows. Fun and games. Small laughs and big sorrows. It’s being there for one another.

It’s knowing that his smile is for you and you alone. It reaches deep inside you and touches your heart and makes you glad. It’s knowing that he’d do anything for you, and that you make his world brighter just by being there for him. It’s that soft kiss for no reason. Wanting to hold his hand and him wanting to hold yours.

But mostly it’s giving and taking and caring. Romance is a two way street.smiling
Romance is doing things, big and small to put the happiness of your partner before your own. I don’t mean being a door mat, I mean helping and supporting. Both ways. Your for your partner. Your partner for you. Everyone giving 110%, all the time.

It isn’t a profound thing, nor is romance easy to describe, but it is beautiful.

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