Tessa’s Trio Release

Here we go ladies and gents. The release of Tessa’s Trio.  It has been a long and arduous task for me to bring this story to you. I’ve battled the flu, missing cover files, a hard drive crash, a new job and major writer’s block. Man, I hate when characters won’t go where I tell them to and insist on taking their own path. It requires me to completely rethink the story. Finally, at long last it is release day. Tessa’s Trio is out!

Tessa is a steamy, hot, erotic romance story about one woman and the three men who fall in love with her. Hmmm, the idea does have possibilities doesn’t it?

You can find her (or should that be them?) on Amazon by clicking the photograph of her cover.

Coming soon, you’ll be able to purchase a paperback copy on Amazon as well. I’ll provide that link when the paperback is ready.

Blurb from Tessa:
Tessa Dupree is tired of being burned by love again and again, so she has sworn off men forever. No dating, no relationships and no one night stands. The last thing she wants is a man.

But fate may have other plans. When Tessa isn’t looking, fate thrusts three handsome, intriguing men into her life.

She’s known Rob since she was a little girl, but has been blind to his love for her. Peter and Mitch have been Rob’s friends for years. All in all, they are one smoking-hot gathering of men who make Tessa’s pulse race and her body thrum. Better than that, they’re all looking for their sole-mates. What are the odds that Tessa could fit the bill for them all?

They make her heart yearn for the love she has given up on. Is she ready to risk her heart again? Will she find love with three fabulous men? Is there any way she can open her heart and risk being hurt again? Does this trio hold the secret to love and happiness for Tessa? Or will she have to choose between them?

Excerpt for Tessa:

“Wow,” she exclaimed looking around the nearly deserted lot. “This place is empty.” She gestured to the far corner of the lot and headed that way. “My car is over here.” She waved towards the far corner of the dark, nearly empty lot.

They walked towards the car, side by side, not touching at all. She stumbled a bit on an unseen rock and his hand shot out to steady her. When she had regained her balance he slipped his arm around her waist, resting his hand against her hip and pulled her tight against his side.

The cool night breeze drifted across her skin, carrying a touch of his cologne. Oh, he smells so good. There was a hint of masculine cologne and something she couldn’t quite identify. Pheromones, a distant part of her mind provided the word. Could a person actually smell pheromones? Her knees went weak and she stumbled against him a bit. How could something as simple as his scent make her feel so, so weak and needy?

“Are you okay to drive,” he asked as they reached her car. “Should I call you a taxi?”

Tessa leaned against the car door and he leaned beside her. “I’m fine. I didn’t even finish one beer. In …” she glanced at her watch, “three hours. Holy cow! I didn’t realize we were talking that long.” She tipped her head sideways to look up at him and smiled. Damned if she didn’t love the way he towered over her. He had to be almost a foot taller than she was. She felt small and feminine beside him as she leaned against his side. Her hand snaked around his waist.

She took a deep breath, then another and felt it shiver through her. It had been a very long time since she had been this aroused and all they were doing was standing side by side against her car.

“Time flies in pleasant company.” He slid his arm around her shoulders, and his fingers pulled gently on one of her corkscrew curls, the slight tugging making her scalp twitch and her body feel…squirmy.

“Thanks,” she whispered, somehow touched by the easy compliment. She dug in her pocket and found her keys, extracted them and rattled them gently. “Well, I should go.” She leaned her head against his shoulder, knowing she had to leave, but loath to move from the heady warmth of his side.

“Yes, you should,” he agreed, his chin nuzzling her hair, his hand drawing idle circles on her arm.

She turned a little more towards him, nestling her head in the curve of his shoulder. She looked up at him. He was so handsome in the shifting shadows of the parking lot. She wanted to kiss him; she bit her bottom lip gently and pushed out a soft sigh wishing she had the courage. She wanted, needed, to feel his lips against hers, to taste him and touch him. Her hands itched to stroke his chest and delve under his shirt to trace the plains of his abdomen and to find the peaks of his nipples. She breathed deeply, inhaling his scent, committing it to memory, saving it to savour later.

The night was cool, but she wasn’t chilled. She was warm in the soft cocoon of his arm. “Okay,” he whispered, “you have to go.” He eased back a bit.

She looked up at him again and he smiled that sexy, very slightly crooked smile at her and she knew he was just as loath to separate as she was. There was something going on here, something between them. It was strong, electric, passionate, almost overpowering. She wiggled a bit and wondered if he knew how deeply he was arousing her just by standing beside her. Tipping her head further back she looked at him, her mind screaming for him to kiss her. He moved forward, his head tilting just a fraction of an inch. He smiled at her again, his eyes flashing in the dark as he lowered his mouth and touched his lips softly to hers.

Happy reading.