The Creative Process (AKA: Twisted Minds)

What is the creative process of an author?  Ask any one of us what drives us to create and you’ll get as many answers as authors you ask.

Me? I have no idea. I’ll overhear a snippet of conversation and it’ll spark a full scene, chapter or even, on occasion, an entire novel. This was the case for my novel Rekindled Fire. Sitting in a restaurant waiting for my friend to arrive, I overheard a woman talking about her husband running away with a neighbor and surprisingly she was okay with it, because she’d fallen for someone else. Instantaneously, I knew there was a novel there. It was a difficult one to write as I have a friend whose marriage was in crisis and sometimes I felt like I was using her pain for my own gain. The reality being the book was 100% unrelated to her, but guilt is a strange thing.

I’ve seen people with injuries, black eyes, broken limbs, cuts or scrapes and wondered what happened to them. One thought leads to another and voila a story is born.

Sometimes I’ll wake up with a character or even an entire novel fully-formed in my head. I’ll have no idea where it came from or what instigated the thought process that got me there, but boom! Story!

And, there’s always the “what’s a guy like him doing with a girl like her?” Or the reverse. Thinking about what draws two unlikely people together can make for a fascinating story.

I love to help authors brainstorm when we have writing sessions. We’ll be hashing out plots and pitfalls. Someone will say, “I’m stuck. I can’t figure out where this is going? What happens next?” Everyone will jump in and make suggestions. Some are weird or outrageous but one thought leads to another and before long a fresh idea is born. This works both ways, authors who write together often inspire and spur each other on.

Another thing that inspires me is the concept of second chances. What better way to create than to think of what would happen if we hadn’t done this or we’d done that instead? It ties in nicely with endings and beginnings and new-found love. We’ve all got tragedies and impossible hurdles in our lives; I love to read and write about overcoming those hurdles and moving on. Most of my books, even the erotica, have a second chance theme. Who am I to resist love’s urge to survive.

But really, my greatest inspiration is the love I see and feel around me. I want to take that love and share it with the world.


Katie Oh

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