Unconventionally Great Romances


Greetings oh Great and Wise Readers

Today’s Topic of Interest ….. Greatest Romantic Moments of All Time.

We were supposed to be talking about great movie romances and other romances … but lately, I’m not much of a television or movie watcher. So, my favorites are dated (to say the very least) and not at all conventional.

My Parents: My mom and dad were together for over sixty years before Dad passed on. They got married when mom was only sixteen. Holy crap … I can’t imagine being mature enough to be married at that age, but things were different then. Although Mom does tell a few tales of hilarity and immaturity. But my folks struggled through good times and bad. They stayed together through four rotten kids and their kids. I know there were times when they wanted to kill each other, but they always managed to set aside their differences and find away to patch things up. If that isn’t the definition of all time romance, I don’t know what is.

unconventional Romances - independance dayCaptain Steven Hiller and Jasmine Dubrow: (Will Smith and Vivacia A. Fox) Independence Day (the movie.) Yup, you read that right. Ya, I know the movie is about alien invasion. But what better way to see true love in action that coming together to make a family in the middle of saving the universe? Captain Hiller stole a military helicopter and risked his life and career to find the woman he loved. Sigh. Does it get any more romantic than that?

Katie O’Connor and Mr. Oh: Yup, I consider my own relationship with my husband one of the great romances of all time. We’ve been together for ….. a long time. We fight, we argue, we kiss and make up. It took us a while to realize that love isn’t easy, nor was it meant to be easy. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. We’ve struggled and made it work. Now, we’re getting close to retirement and have found ourselves a plot of land away from the city where we run away together as often as we can. It allows us to build on what we have and to keep it strong.

How about these movie greats:
Pretty Woman
West Side Story
Dirty Dancing
The Shop Around the Corner
Oh, there are just so many.

Now for a bit of sacrilege on my part. Gone With the Wind …. nope nope nope. I don’t think of this as a romance at all. Okay, maybe a bit, but it is more the story of a bunch of selfish people too wrapped up in themselves to be there for anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the movie. I loved the book even more, but to me it jusst isn’t romantic.

And let us not forget all those military men and their wives left at home. Is there anything more romantic than staying true while the one you love fights for your county?

rekindledfirefinalAnd my favorite romantic couple that I have created? Beth and Peter from Rekindled Fire. Love, longing, separation, interfering friends and ex’s all come together to create a happily ever after.

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