That Weird Little Lever

Sometimes in life it’s the little things that can bend you around a corner like the use of that weird little lever usually located on the left side of the steering column.  It’s usually a standard item on every vehicle.

Today I made a short journey. It was only about a three mile round trip to the grocery store and back. During the course of that trip, I was cut off three times. Five times I waited patiently for on-coming traffic to pass so that I could turn left. Four of those times the drivers eventually turned across in front of me without signalling.

Okay at this point I would just like to say the next time you get in your car, take a look at the left side of your steering column just behind your steering wheel. There, you will find a funny little lever. If you push this lever up it turns on flashing lights on the front and back of your vehicle indicating to other drivers that you wish to turn right. If you push it down, it shows them that you wish to turn left.

That damn little lever

I’m just saying … used the damned thing!